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Summer Sweat Proof Make Up

Summer is here and that means hot temps that will make you sweat,

but that doesn't mean you have to sweat all your make up off!

here are some tips for Sweat Proof Long Lasting Make Up

1) Wear a light-weight moisturizer

In the winter time our skin tends to be more dry, because of harsh conditions (cold weather). Once spring comes around and she graces us with her presence, our skin changes once again. Our skin needs less moisturizer now. Therefore we need to use a lighter moisturizer. You're skin will thank you when the temperatures sore high!

2) Light Weight Base Make Up

Foundation can tend to be very heavy on the skin during the summer months, instead opt for a light weight bb cream or tinted mosturizer. These products will still give you coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. The bonus- your skin will have a nice break (from heavy foundations) for a couple of months

you can try our tinted moisturizer here- https://www.freespiritedbeauty.com/face

3) Use Powder!

It's a great idea to set your base make up with powder. This will ensure your make up will look flawless for hours. Tip- Set a generous amount of powder underneath your eyes, this will help your mascara stay on your bottom lashes- AKA no raccoon eyes!

4) Switch to Lip Gloss

Just like changing up our base make up, we need to consider our lip products too. Lighter glosses are more pleasant on the lips during the summer months, because they are easier to apply on the go. Gloss also makes a great dewy/ natural make up look stand out. Glowly illuminating skin is always a must for summer, adding a gloss will compliment the whole look perfectly!

5) Embrace The Freckles and Birth Marks

Seriously embrace what you have during these humid months! We know less is more and we also know that the last thing we want to do is load up on a ton of make up, when we will just sweat it off the moment we leave the house. Let your skin breath! and try to worry less about all the little "imperfections" Instead lets stop covering up and learn to love what we have naturally. Let your birth marks and freckles and even blemishes take centre stage this summer!

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