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Here at Free Spirited Beauty, we offer a wide range of Vegan Cruelty-Free Cosmetics- Natural Certified Organic Beautiful silky eyeshadows with high pigmentation! Lucious lip glosses and Lip Sticks! Foundations for all skin types! The benefits of using Vegan all natural products are- avoiding dead animal by-products from touching our skin. Non-Toxic Ingredients- Plant-based products sit better on your faces and our skin finds it much easier to absorb them,  letting our skin to breathe with natural cosmetics is the best thing you can do for your Skin. Vegan products have fewer ingredients This means the less we use, the better our skin will be! Vegan products contain lots of moisture and vitamins- Fancy labels and bottles are not the way to help with Anti Aging- Moisture and vitamins are how we can maintain youthful skin. Dry Skin will no longer be dry when you use Vegan cosmetics, because of all the moisture contained in the ingredients used to make our products will keep your skin moisturized all day long. Sensitive skin will benefit the most when we make the change to vegan cosmetics because when we use natural ingredients, it’s difficult for your skin to become irritated by Vegan Cosmetics. Oily skin will be taken care of with the plant-derived ingredients are super hydrating for your skin and that hydration gets rid of oiliness! Your skin stops trying to make up for extra moisture and you end up with a flawless complexion. When we know what’s on our skin it gives us peace of mind, especially without complicated names of ingredients we have been used to seeing before! With ingredients you understand, vegan cosmetics is the best decision you can make for you're well being!

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